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Colosseum Special Night Opening

Colosseum Special Night Opening

Colosseum Special Night Opening:

Also this year, the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici di Roma offers the possibility to visit the Colosseum By Night .

Small groups of tourists, lead by an archaeologist, will walk through the monument, reaching the most important spots. 

The end of the visit will lead to the arena: it will be possible to look at Colosseum underground rooms, to know their functioning and how they were employed during the games.

This amazing visit will be accompained by the light of a "private" moon, over the monument: the atmosphere recreated will be as close as possible to the full moon nights of the Ancient Empire. 

From 08.20 pm to 10.45 pm it will be possible to join a group guided tour to the Colosseum and to the hypogeum .


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